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   From its inception, Novatek has focused on finding innovative solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. Dr. H. Tracy Hall founded the company in 1955, a year after his invention of man-made diamonds.

   Over the last five decades, the company has grown into a modern Edison labs. It has created, refined, patented, and licensed hundreds of groundbreaking innovations leading to billions of dollars in revenue.


   Our labs exist to invent technologies that solve global-scale issues, and all work has the promise of expanding our portfolio of over 600 patents.

   Resources available to the labs include a world-class machine shop , a 24-hour manufacturing facility, a custom electronics department, and a team of IP professionals. All of these resources support a culture of constant experimenting and prototyping.


   Novatek’s development is guided by the belief that its innovations will continue to solve problems in many fields, from energy shortages to infrastructure inefficiencies

   As we approach our 60th year in business, we will continue to focus on producing disruptive technologies with global-scale impacts. We will continue to apply Edison’s system of innovation to creating the systems needed for a cleaner and more sustainable planet.